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Constellations of Ruin

book cover photoAn octopus chosen for a secret mission; generations march through a mycelial tunnel in space; spirits visit a post-apocalyptic fishing village; houses revel when no one is home; a lifetime of seeing invisible monsters; the world begins granting unspoken wishes — these are only a few of the encounters in Constellations of Ruin. In this short story collection, Andrew S. Fuller explores growth and loss, survival and resistance, on a tour from lost neighborhoods to cursed cities to strange futures. Each tale contains wonder and horror, crafted in a stirring and unforgettable manner.

The collection features 26 stories, including 7 new tales and a new novelette.


Another Country Doctor • Elizabeth’s Duty • Occupations • Stationed at the Breach • One Wicker Day • Adrift • The Crimson Codex • Among the Stacks • Immigrant • Block Party • A Salmon Tale, 2072 • Little Bodies • With Busier Days Ahead • The Circus Wagon • One Childhood of Many • Ina’s Day • Cheating the Devil • Brink City • Her Scent Along the River • But a Moment Ago • Unfinished Painting of Empty Classroom • Revisitation • They Shall Flourish and Spread • Studies in Dark and Light • Perched • (All That Happens) Before the Epilogue

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ISBN 978-1-68510-082-7 trade paperback
ISBN 978-1-68510-083-4 ebook
Publisher: Trepidatio Publishing, an imprint of JournalStone
Publication Date: April 21, 2023
Cover and interior art by Mikio Murakami



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Featuring 61 eerie ruminative wailing grooving stomping crooning devastating songs for the 26 stories in Constellations of Ruin, curated by the author.

What They Say

“The 26 diverting speculative shorts of Fuller’s debut collection prove entirely transporting. Readers looking for escapist fantasies on the spooky side will welcome his wide spectrum.”

Publishers Weekly

“A whirlwind tour of the weird that runs the gamut from touching, to subtly humorous, to downright creepy. Fuller understands, embraces, and shows the full range of the genre.”

—A.C. Wise, author of The Ghost Sequences

“Andrew S. Fuller is among the best and most indelible voices in weird fiction today. His collection, Constellations of Ruin, is a book like no other. These strange and heady tales will take you into worlds of dreams and nightmares, carrying you along with vivid and immersive prose that will take hold of you and not let you go. Put this collection at the top of your reading list.”

—Gwendolyn Kiste, three-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Rust Maidens and Reluctant Immortals

Constellations of Ruin showcases the confident talent of veteran writer and editor Andrew Fuller, and is for any reader who loves lush prose, dark landscapes of the mind, and the unsettling silence after an unanswered question.”

—Molly Tanzer, award-winning author of Creatures of Charm and Hunger and Vermilion

“What an amazing collection of stories. It’s Tim O’Brien mixed with Ray Bradbury, literary speculative fiction, sprinkled with dashes of Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone. Lyrical and poetic, gritty and visceral, this is powerful work. Keep an eye on Andrew Fuller.”

—Richard Thomas, Bram Stoker, Shirley Jackson, and Thriller Award nominee

“I didn’t know how ready I was for an antidote to literalism. Then I read this blithe and brainy collection by Andrew S. Fuller, a wizard at making the impossible seem probable, a writer unafraid of mystery and ambiguity. Fuller’s witty stylistic choices are both jarring and amusing — a quick, bright, alienating reminder that we’re here to observe the strange beauty and horror of an animistic universe. Any fantastic thing might occur, but not because we will it or expect it. The human and not-quite-human creatures Fuller has invented roam these stories at their own pace, their reasons beyond our understanding and their future as uncertain as our own.”

—S. P. Miskowski, author of Strange Is the Night

“Andrew Fuller’s fiction takes you on a journey — to places you only believed you knew. Through light and dark, through memory and miscue, Fuller takes you by the hand and shows you the way.”

—E. Catherine Tobler, author of The Necessity of Stars, editor of The Deadlands magazine

“Fuller’s fiction exposes the fragility of reality, and the toll that is wrought on equally fragile human bodies and minds when that reality suddenly shifts. Fuller is part of the vanguard of a new wave of cosmic horror that unsettles and terrifies not because it name-drops unspeakable entities from beyond the stars but because it suggests that the world around you — whatever comfortable spot in which you are reading this — could become destabilized and unfathomable at any moment with no warning.”

—Andrew Byers, Hellnotes review

“Clearly Andrew S. Fuller is no stranger to speculative fiction, especially weird and horror fiction. This book is not just entertaining, but masterfully crafted, as well. Any reader of horror short fiction, especially sci-fi horror, will thoroughly enjoy Constellations of Ruin.”

—Joshua Gage, Cemetery Dance review


Andrew S. Fuller is a writer of fictions — usually speculative, often weird, sometimes horrific. These stories appear in magazines, anthologies, and other forms. More →

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