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Constellations of Ruin (April 2023, Trepidatio Publishing)

Short Fiction

“A Perfectly Fine Hobby” – The Cozy Cosmic (Underland Press, Oct 2023)

The Archivist’s Companion” – Congress #2 (Clockpunk Studios, Aug 2016)

“Red Sails, Dark Moon” – Swords v. Cthulhu (Stone Skin Press, July 2016)

Another Country Doctor” – See the Elephant, Issue One (Metaphysical Circus Press, July 2015)

Brink City” in Toasted Cake podcast (Mar 2015)

“Immigrant” – A Darke Phantastique (Cycatrix Press, 2014)

“The Crimson Codex” – Bibliotheca Fantastica (Dagan Books, July 2013)

They Shall Flourish and Spread” – Crossed Genres #5 (May 2013)
reprinted in Crossed Genres Magazine 2.0 Book One (July 2013)

“A Salmon Tale, 2072” – Fish (Dagan Books, Jan 2013)

One Childhood of Many” – Daily Science Fiction (May 2012)

“Block Party” – On Spec Magazine #87 vol 23 no 4 (Mar 2012)

“West of Somewhere” – Green is the Color of Winter: An Eclectic Collection (Dec 2011)

“Ina’s Day” – Space Tramps: Full-Throttle Space Tales vol 5 (Flying Pen Press, Sept 2011)

Occupations” – Crossed Genres #26 (Jan 2011)
reprinted in Crossed Genres Quarterly 01 (Feb 2011)

“Perched” (with audio) in The Pedestal Magazine #61 (Dec 2010)

The Circus Wagon novelette (Damnation Books, Sept 2010)
recommended in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year for 2009

Autumn Harvest” – Jersey Devil Press #12 (Sept 2010)

“The Unremembered” – Necrotic Tissue #11 (July 2010)

Adrift” – Every Day Fiction (July 2009)

“Among the Stacks” – Ink-Filled Page (Summer 2009)
(reprinted in) IFP: Red Anthology

“But a Moment Ago” – A Fly in Amber (May 2009)

One Wicker Day” – Abyss & Apex #26 (Spring 2008)

“The Best Year of My Life” – Fragment, #1 (Sept 2003)

Spring Equinox: The Summoning” – Blood Rose (Spring 2003)

“(All That Happens) Before the Epilogue” – Fantastic Metropolis (Feb 2002)
reprinted in Breaking Windows: A Fantastic Metropolis Sampler (Prime Books, April 2003)

“They Mostly Come At Night, Mostly” – The Harrow (Aug 1999)

“The Moon in the Toolshed” – House of Pain (June/July 1999)

“The Last Friend of a Storyteller” The Vinyl Elephant #5 (June 1993)


For the Love of Shadows (Legion Press, May 2000)

lonely bones, salamander breath (Legion Press, 1994)


Bad Game (Legion Press, Dec 1996)


Unaussprechlichen Kulten, story by Andrew S. Fuller and Jeremy Petersen, 2014

Coda, story by Andrew S. Fuller, 2013

Effulgence, story and screenplay by Andrew S. Fuller
Deep One Award for Best Screenplay, 2009 H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival

As Editor

Three-Lobed Burning Eye anthology - Vol. I–IX, 2001–2023

Three-Lobed Burning Eye magazine 1–41, 1999–2024


Andrew S. Fuller is a writer of fictions — usually speculative, often weird, sometimes horrific. These stories appear in magazines, anthologies, and other forms. More →

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