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3LBE covernew Issue 41 of Three-Lobed Burning Eye fiction magazine is out now, edited by ASF •  BUY |  READ

book cover The collection Constellations of Ruin is out from Trepidatio Publishing in paperback and ebook. This book containing 26 dark, strange, and heartening speculative fiction stories. Order from the publisher, the usual places, or ask your library to carry it. •  Buy | Amazon |  Trailer | Learn More…

cozy cosmic coverThe story “A Perfectly Fine Hobby” appears in the anthology The Cozy Cosmic (Underland Press, Oct 2023), edited by Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito and Mark Teppo, featuring 33 warm comfortable tales and poems of madness from writers around (this) world •  buy | Amazon

3LBE coverVolume IX of Three-Lobed Burning Eye fiction magazine, collecting issues 33—37, features 40 new illustrations. Edited by ASF •   BUY BOOK


Andrew S. Fuller is a writer of fictions — usually speculative, often weird, sometimes horrific. These stories appear in magazines, anthologies, and other forms. More →

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