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December 27, 2016
After holiday with family, escaped to the coast for two nights in a yurt near Newport, OR. Sampled seafood around town and woke in the middle of the tearing storm with food poisoning. Hope this passes soon, much work to do.

no: sleep or eating

November 12, 2016
With the real world in turmoil, it's difficult for me to think about fictional places, character lives, plot, and conflict. Writing feels artificial and selfish to me right now. Some artists say the best we can do is make good art. We must keep doing so. To fight with ideas and metaphors, to challenge and inspire. And to stay sane. My friends are helping me to do more. I must spend extra time each day on more direct actions. Write letters and make calls to congresspersons, sign petitions, donate to support organizations like Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Lambda Legal, Environmental Defense Fund, IRAP, NDRC, National Urban League.

trying: fight the future

November 9, 2016
No sleep the entire night. After the tears wore out, sat bolt awake staring into the dark future of a new world shaped by hate and ignorance. Stuck in a fugue of denial, anger, sadness. There will be so much more work for those who stand up for human rights.

dystopia: gone real

November 3, 2016
Excited to finally attend Bizarro Con. Since it falls the same weekend as OryCon this year where I have a few obligations, it will be a fun jaunt back and forth to both locations.

reading: Starr Creek (by Nathan Carson)

November 1, 2016
Issue 28 of Three-lobed Burning Eye magazine launched last night. Enjoy six new stories of weird, wonder, and horror, about ghosts, turtles, wolves, music, and sea creatures.

editor: another issue

October 30, 2016
With one day to spare, finally carved the pumpkins and decorated the porch. October has been severely neglected this year.

making: smiles afire

October 15, 2016
Despite a great hurricane storm headed for the coastal Northwest, we drove to Astoria for the weekend and stayed in a cozy room with a beautiful view. Some businesses were closed, but found a quiet spot with a drink to edit the stories for 3LBE. Planning to launch the new issue on Halloween. Finally.

getaway: into the storm

October 5, 2016
I'll be attending the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland this weekend. This year I contributed a chapter to the round-robin book Challenge From Beyond, alongside Mike Griffin, Wendy Wagner, John Shirley, Nikki Guerlain, Aaron Besson, and S.P. Miskowski. Looking forward to seeing friends and colleagues, and will miss many who can't make it. Find me reading late Sunday night.

con: of horrors cosmic, tentacular, and existential

September 25, 2016
Took a few months off from the novel. Rethinking the story, notes, and a few characters. Feel very lost and sad, and without purpose. But will get back to it.

writing: slowly

September 19, 2016
This has been an unusual year for 3LBE magazine. We raised our rates on January 1st, and—related or not—submissions increased from 1–2 per day, to 6–10 per day. Despite the increase, we did not find six stories for the Spring issue, and it seems the Fall issue will be our only one this year. The genres and voices of the magazine have evolved over the years from a strictly horror zine to include magical realism, fantasy, mystery, and other areas. But what excites us the most are voices, a wide range of voices from many backgrounds and experiences. We'd like those who've been left out of the largely white male tables of contents to give us a try with your story. Help us spread the word.

editing: 3LBE

September 10, 2016
Nearly two weeks of computer trauma, including several trips the to Apple store, but ultimately they replaced the failed logic board. Installed new SSD hard drive and RAM, and will try to keep this ancient four-year-old machine running antiquated software.

computers: why do we have these again?

September 8, 2016
Lately I've been returning to the archery range once per week. Last night I split an arrow with another arrow, straight down the carbon shaft. Social media was not impressed. But I'll keep on.

exhale: and release

September 5, 2016
It's been too long since a good hike. Before the rainy season descends we are trying to get out every Sunday. For the first one we chose the easy trail on Dog Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge. When we found ourselves halfway up the difficult trail, we decided to continue to the peak. Everything hurts, but the silent trees and the view made it all worth it.

hiking: up and up and up

August 16, 2016
Many new books by great writers out lately. Check out the story collection On the Eyeball Floor by Tina Connolly, debut novel Stay Crazy by Erica Satifka, and Wendy N. Wagner's second novel Starspawn.

to read: more and more!

August 2, 2016
I've written exactly one erotica story to date. You can read "The Archivist's Companion" online at Congress magazine or puchase the whole e-book of Issue #2, edited by Molly Tanzer. Also includes an interview with Chuck Tingle. Love is real!

new fiction: steamy

August 1, 2016
Escaped to Orcas Island for an anniversary weekend. Beautiful change of scenery. There's a surprising lack of circus wagons on Air B&B, but we found a restored vagabond trailer.

getaway: no, not that kind

July 12, 2016
Next Tuesday the anthology Swords v Cthulhu debuts. While the number of Cthulhu anthologies seems endless, this collection stands out with a quality cast of tales and writers. I've never been particulary excited to write in someone else's world, but the call for submissions last year was inspiring, and I had fun. I'm humbled to be in this pages with my story "Red Sails, Dark Moon."

publication: anthology

June 29, 2016
All the cons I can make it to this year are in Portland. This weekend I'll be at Westercon for the first time. My programming includes panels on short fiction, cosmic horror, a special sit down with me discussing beer and stories, and a reading.

cons: no, not that kind

June 27, 2016
I've known Curtis Chen for a few years. Excited to read his first novel Waypoint Kangaroo.

books: and more books!

June 19, 2016
A.C. Wise writes great fiction. Get her new collection The Kissing Booth Girl and Other Stories here.

books: to read

May 21, 2016
While I watch many movies and often consider writing more extensive reviews on this journal, there are some failed films that are not worth mentioning.

movies: at least it was a brew & view theater

May 12, 2016
Had hoped to attend StokerCon again this year, or the Nebulas, but finances do not allow. Wishing everyone a wonderful experience, and best to all award nominees. The ones who deserve it.

cons: at home

April 10, 2016
Excaped to New Orleans for a few days, in what must be the first scheduled vacation in years. We enjoyed food and drink and music in the divey and dark places, walked among the graves, and did not want to leave.

getaway: NOLA

March 8, 2016
The RainForest Writers Retreat was a great experience. Rain fell on Lake Quinalt for many days, new voices grew in my head, and the novel saw momentum. Thanks to Patrick Swenson for hosting, Carrie Vaughn and James Van Pelt for presenting, and chats with many writers. A completely different experience from a Con, with quiet, and writing.

writing: novel thing

March 1, 2016
Looking foward to journeying deep into the Olympic Rainforest of Washington for a writing retreat. This is an event I signed up for more than two years ago, and first couldn't afford it, then didn't have enough vacation time. But now yes. For the novel needs some focus, and I need some escape.

listening: to the woods

February 29, 2016
Excited to have a horror fiction book group. It's small and smart, sinister and fun.

reading: "The Willows" (by Algernon Blackwood)

February 26, 2016
This hole still hurts.

still: even still

February 24, 2016
Making an effort to write at least a paragraph review on Goodreads, rather than a simple #-star rating. Because authors deserve some thought. Have a few books from 2015 to catch up on.

reading: The Pleasure Merchant (by Molly Tanzer)

February 22, 2016
We lost Grendel dog this weekend. Noble, goofy, loving canine who brightened life for myself and many others. Companion for more than twelve years, terrible judger of lapdog appropriateness, ambassador for the pitbull breeds, sloppy kisser, spinning dancer, beach runner, midnight snorer. You will be very very missed, great beastie. My heart howls.

weeping: is all

February 10, 2016
Been working on a better submission system for 3LBE. Last year saw a few disappointing periods where outgoing email was lost, and the webhost was not any help. The new system is rudimentary but functional. Paid submission services would be more convenient, but we'd rather put that money toward paying the writers.

solving: for tech

January 25, 2016
Realized that I had enough pro sales of fiction, so I've joined the Horror Writer's Association as an active member. While it's looking like I won't make it to WHC or StokerCon this year, I'm looking forward to voting in the Soker Awards.

getting: seriouser all over again

January 24, 2016
Enjoyed a birthday weekend with a barrel-aged beer event, old video games, and friends. It was not the week of birthday events of yesteryear, but sufficient. Ifear the immune system is breaking down.

doing: birthday

January 16, 2016
Work is taking me to Las Vegas for a big tradeshow. I've never been, and can only envision a great desert with a single neon tower rising into the sky.

traveling: Sin City

January 4, 2016
Finally submitted the proposal for a short story collection. When I pitched the idea in October, it seemed a simpler task to choose my favorite published stories of the last fifteen or so years, but the selection, ordering, and titling plunged me into deeper choices, including how much to edit older pieces without altering their vintage taste, so to speak. There are a few new pieces that hope to see the light of day. It was good exercise, at least, to visualize that kind of book.

reading: City of Stairs (by Robert Jackson Bennett)


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