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December 20, 2015
Crawling back into the novel. Later than I intended, and the story has changed in my head, but work to do.

reading: Year's Best Weird Fiction, vol 2

November 16, 2015
While the to-read pile towers over me and threatens to topple and crush the cat, I've read some great books this year, and still writing reviews.

reading: catching up

November 12, 2015
There is currently much ruckus about the announcement that the World Fantasy Award will no longer be the bust of H.P Lovecraft. It's about time, in my opinion. While Lovecraft contributed significantly to the weird tale, and many lasting ideas to science fiction, fantasy, and horror, he was not primarly a fantasy writer, his vision not particularly worldly, and his visage never felt appropriate for the WFA. The award has evolved over forty years, growing to include more diverse works and nominees, and it's time to reflect that progress. Now I don't admire those tasked with finding a new award concept, and design by committee makes my skin crawl, but eventually a new award will be agreed upon and crafted. Finally, those in the writing community who are upset enough about this change to insult other writers and editors, or threaten them, need to take a cold shower, long look in the mirror, and bite their tongue

tagging: the latest brouhaha

November 1, 2015
I loathe and detest November. With its chill and theft of leaves. The Halloween decorations will stay up in protest of the neighbors' too-soon Xmas lights.

saying: grrrr

October 23, 2015
Assembling a table of contents for a story collection pitch is both exciting and humbling. Much like writing, my thinking changes when I actually sit down to do so. Many pieces that I assumed should be in a collection are cast aside. Finding a title will be the most difficult task.

assembling: TOC

October 15, 2015
Compared to last year's procrastination, I'm far ahead on the Halloween costume. The suit rental was almost half the purchase price, so I have a slightly gaudy suit in my wardrobe. The very idea of sporting hair on my scalp again is more frightening to me than covering my skin with makeup. It's far too difficult to find a clear plastic suit and three-color paisley tie these days.

assembling: accessories

October 10, 2015
Sometimes story submissions just fall apart like this: 10/11/11 submit story to anthology 6/1/14 withdraw story after query and silence, 6/14/14 story submission confirmed, 8/10/14 story accepted, 9/2/14 contract signed and edits promised soon, 2/7/15 query sent, 8/31/15 query sent, 9/13/15 a contributor's blog says that other contributors received a mass email that anthology has been canceled, 10/7/15 withdraw story after thirteen months of silence, 11/15/15 find out original anthology that never responded posts on social media that they need more submissions. But I still like this story, and have revised it a few times, and may send it out again. Or place it in a story collection, if that happens.

reading: Pretty Monsters (Kelly Link)

October 8, 2015
Fun and inspiring weekend at the Lovecraft Film Festival. While I saw only a few short films, the readings and panels and time spent with other writers was priceless. Jeffrey Combs made incredible dramatic readings, the panel discussions were entertaining, the company beyond fun, and I missed so many of the movies this year.

reading: The Lost Boy (Greg Ruth)

September 24, 2015
The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival is coming up. This is the twentieth anniversary event full of short films, author readings, art, gaming and panel discussions. This year we finally get Herbert West himself, Jeffrey Combs. Looking forward to seeing our little weird community.

reading: Rat Queens

September 18, 2015
Atlas is printed and off to the bindery. I'm away to Chicago for a weekend of vacation, visit my sister and a distillery or two.

printing: place names atlas

September 13, 2015
Considering which short stories would make a collection.

mix-tape: of your own work

September 9, 2015
Press checks for the big book design project. I love the smell of print shops in the morning. One press will run for 36 hours producing 34 signatures for 272 pages. Can hardly believe my eyeballs are witnessing this.

printing: place names atlas

August 17, 2015
This old house has no air conditioning, Portlanders say we've never needed it in the Northwest. But the drought conditions on the west coast this year have made it unbearable for more than a few days. I finally found a place with new shipment of portable units and have managed to cool one room. Hope this is an unusual year and not the new climate norm.

reading: Signal to Noise (by Silvia Moreno-Garcia)

August 4, 2015
Still reading submissions for the next issue of Three-lobed Burning Eye. We're obviously beyond a springtime release. Sometimes it just takes longer to find six good and fitting stories.

reading: submissions

July 22, 2015
The stack of to-read books has grown to waist-high. Oh wait, there's another stack in this room, too.

reading: Vermilion (by Molly Tanzer)

July 8, 2015
Happy birthday, Mom.

visiting: Lincoln, NE

June 8, 2015
Ten years later, I'm still involved with a book design project that has been especially demading these last few months. Though it lies outside my speculative fiction passion and pursuit, it's not something I could give up. We are scheduled to make the final push to the printer. And then I can return to the novel. Staying up late or getting up early are the only available times to write, and it becomes more difficult as I age to function on less than five hours of sleep.

designing: an atlas

May 15, 2015
Wonderful time at World Horror Con in Atlanta. Great panel discussions about the circus in fiction, screenwriting. Delighted to meet Daniel Kaufman, creator of Carnivale TV series, authors Nathan Ballingrud, Usman Malik, Dale Bailey, many more. Can't get enough time with Molly, Orrin, Jesse, Selena. The giant hotel lobby looked like the graceful innards of Giger's nightmare. Found an excellent cocktail bar nearby. Came home with too many books. Exhausted.

getting: back to work

April 29, 2015
Thoroughly enjoyed CthulhuCon. I somehow thought this would be a small event, but a full two days of panels, games, live art, and fifteen author readings kept everyone quite busy.

recovering: from a con

March 16, 2015
The stars are right this year, and multiple Lovecraftian/Weird festivals will converge on North America. Check out the CthulhuCon in Portland OR, the HPL Film Festival in San Pedro CA, the 20th Anniversary HPLFF in Portland, and the Necronomicon in Providence RI.

watching: Vikings

March 3, 2015
Wrote my first story that forays into the world of (another, more well-known) author. It was a humbling and raucous journey. Perhaps it will see print some day.

writing: new stuff

February 19, 2015
Working on a new story, which is coming along slowly. A few words, lean back. A paragraph. Walk through the house. A page.

writing: short fiction

January 23, 2015
Celebrating birthday weekend this year with fine cocktails, a cellar beer festival, old arcade games, and… more cocktails.

turning: older

January 15, 2015
For your consideration of various annual awards, my short story “Immigrant” appears in the massive and impressive 2014 anthology A Darke Phantastique, alongside many other excellent stories, poems, and pieces by other fine writers. Update 2/23/15: the anthology is included on the WHC Stoker Awards final ballot.

watching: Penny Dreadful

January 7, 2015
In the midst of 2–3 day press checks for the day job print project, with very little sleep, a terrible sore throat and congestion, and trying to rest on the small couch in their lounge next to the press room. The printer is nestled in an industrial area on a pennisula in the Willamette River. Found out today that the land feature used to be an island and the Portland airport was located there 1925–1940s. As many as five stray cats that come to the parking lot and sit on the loading dock or hoods of cars.

yearing for: my voice back


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