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December 30, 2014
Praying for snow. Because I love the silence it brings. But we get it so rarely here.

staring at: the rain

December 18, 2014
The day job, another freelance project, and family events lately occupy all my free time and brain time. Just enough energy in the evenings to cuddle the dog, sip a bourbon, and fall asleep to a movie. Several writing projects to finish up.

watching: The Thomas Crown Affair, Blow Out, Heaven's Gate

November 18, 2014
Thoroughly enjoy everything I read of Joe Lansdale's work. Each narrative is thrilling and startling, with moments of truth and humor. The latest was no exception.

reading: The Thicket (Joe Lansdale)

November 10, 2014
Had a pleasant weekend at OryCon, several good panel and bar discussions. Thanks to those who came to the tiny room in the far wing for my reading.

recovering: barely

November 2, 2014
Hosted a small party whereat friends attended with awesome dressup. Winner costumes include: radioactive Marie Curie zombie, tall bottle of scotch, and SpaceTeam! A few people said they had trouble taking to me for too long staring at the disturbing visage.

You might find a photo on Instagram or Twitter. With those outlets, I haven't seen the need to include pictures on here.

back to: work

October 20, 2014
Finally have my costume idea.

making: a design

September 15, 2014
Thinking about the novel in a wider scope before I go back to it. Perhaps thinking too long. But in the meantime, enjoying writing short stories.

writing: shorter things

August 5, 2014
A recent petition proposes changing the World Fantasy Award statue from a bust of H.P. Lovecraft to that of Octavia Butler. While I greatly admire Butler's fiction, indeed I list her in my favorites, it seems more appropriate for this prestigious award to select an author from earlier in history of the genre. If part of the intention is to diversify the author in some way of gender or race, perhaps someone like Mary Shelley. And we're reminded of the glaring reality that persons of color are left off history's list, and continue to be so. But selecting one author is contentious and problematic, it is too specific for the award. An archetype or a thing would better capture the concept and epitome of an entire genre. Looking at other professional writing awards: the Hugo, Stoker, and Nebula utilize a rocket, a haunted hous,e and a starry nebula statue. For fantasy worlds, why not a dragon, a sword, a castle, a cauldron, a manticore, a scroll?

reading: Annihilation (Jeff Vandermeer)

July 25, 2014
I would love to confess that all of my high school poetry was plagiarised from the works of Thomas Ligotti, but I hadn't read him yet, hadn't achieved time travel or received future transmissions, so I've only myself to blame.

writing: had to start somewhere

July 20, 2014
[these words stolen by strange creatures in the dark]

dreaming: while it all went down

July 7, 2014
First vacation longer than a three-day weekend in nine months. Headed to Colorado for a family reunion. Side trip to visit friends, and spread some of Dad's ashes.

editing: the magazine

June 28, 2014
I've always wanted to write a bestiary or an alphabet story. Moving that up on the list.

thinking: many projects

June 19, 2014
Accepted the sixth and final story. The next issue of 3LBE will be out in July.

editing: the magazine

June 2, 2014
Current status of story submissions: 964, 712, 712, 231, 216, 88, 85, 77

writing: more

May 15, 2014
Despite late scheduling, WHC programming came together well. William Nolan and I workshopped with a first novelist. There were bodies at my reading, some of them breathing. Colleagues were introduced to the pickel back drink. A burlesque dancer performed to Cradle of Filth. Parties ended early. Locals joined us at Bar con. I didn't sell any novels, but then I didn't bring any this year.

fighting: con crud

April 28, 2014
Very excited that World Horror Con 2014 is coming to Portland. We have such sights and foods and weird to show you. Look for me at the bar and shadowed corners. If you can wake from late slumber come here me read Sunday 10AM.

reading: The Children of Old Leech (ed. Ross E. Lockhart)

April 16, 2014
It was a glorious HPLFF this year. I hardly made it to the theater, attending most readings and panels in the external building. Michael Cisco's keynote reading enraptured us all. Escaped to show Orrin, Ross, Jesse, Siliva and more a few local haunts. My mom and sister showed up for my reading, which I temporarily forgot involved horny space montks, but that's just a detail. Sore throat and odd eye infection threw me into bed for a fevered sleep for a few hours. Somewhere in there I met the man who plays Pinhead. Every year this festival is a great community of family.

recovering: from superntaural miasma

April 9, 2014
Miss you, Dad. It doesn't get any easier.

crying: yes

April 5, 2014
Contributed story to a new short film. Jeremy Petersen, director of Effulgence a few years ago, undertook this year's 72-hour film challenge for HPLFF. An hour after receiving the clues we gathered at the pub and discussed concepts that could be filmed in a weekend with available crew and weather. Eventually a few stories tumbled out of my mouth. Though I couldn't be there for the filming, I saw the final cut, and it's beautiful, rich colors in a forest and cave, creepy and mysterious.

reading: Sackett's Land (Louis L'Amour)

April 2, 2014
Sketching ideas for the upcoming 3LBE cover. Initial images now seem better for the October issue. Hoping to pull the next issue together on the May schedule, though it's all up to the submission pile.

drawing: witches and craggled trees

March 21, 2014
I don't write about The Day Job on here. But it's exciting to say: by day I work with knives.

playing working: with knives

March 7, 2014
HPLFF returns to Portland next month. I'm helping out again to wrangle writers and shape panels. There will be more films and programming this year, including additional short films, gaming, and discussions. The stars are right!

reading: bios (HPLFF)

February 28, 2014
I've enjoyed the characters and voice of many Joe Lansdale books, especially the Hap and Leonard novels. Recently picked up the historical fiction The Bottoms and its one of his best tales.

reading: The Bottoms (Joe R. Lansdale)

February 15, 2014
Thirteen months for a story rejection. It's often easier for me to read the story again and objectively after such a long time. Then I let it sit for a few days, edit again, and look for somewhere else to send it away.

reading: Lovecraft Unbound (ed. Ellen Datlow)

February 4, 2014
Haven't felt the need to write about writing, nor about editing. nor life. Putting this journal on low priority.

writing: short fiction

January 2, 2014
We made it out the other side of the time cataract. The world looks the same. Except for owls with three eyes. And the forests roaming the sky.

reading: books that disappear


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