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November 20, 2012
Have been taking myself out for a daily run these last few weeks. The soreness is nearly gone as my muscles adjust to new shoes and activity, and my lungs have nearly caught up. Sometimes I can sneak out between rain showers. This is one of the things I'm working on. Along with revising stories. And a longer project.

running: in the morning

November 6, 2012
A great weekend at Orycon with visiting writer friends, readings, panels and discussions. Highlights include Ken Scholes breaking out the guitar and harmonica, and M.K. Hobson's book launch party for The Warlock's Curse with steampunk-era soda fountain.

reading (out loud): story in upcoming FISH anthology (Dagan Books)

November 1, 2012
Enjoyed a great Halloween season. During three different events I took on the guises of Huckleberry Finn: Vampire Hunter, The Time Traveler, and A Snappily Dressed Man (which is a costume to be sure). Had fun reading an undead tale at the Jack London Bar for the Deadfellas launch party. Now I will be scowling at the cold wind and leafless trees.

reading (out loud): about the zombie apocalypse (again)

October 18, 2012
Excited to win a copy of Molly Tanzer's new novel A Pretty Mouth by answering a question about her Halloween costume. Looking forward to this book after her reading of the first chapter at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival.

watching: Downton Abbey

October 15, 2012
The new issue of Three-lobed Burning Eye magazine launches today. It's been a year since the last one, not because I fell behind on reading submissions or putting it together, but it just took that long to get six great stories. Hope you enjoy the tales. The new website is coded to be “responsive” and adapt to small mobile device screens. Also, while the magazine remains free to read, we've added advertising options, and would appreciate your support via these ads, donations, or reviews.

editing: 3LBE

October 14, 2012
Went pumpkin hunting on Sauvie Island today with the Dame and the Dog. The latter was unsure about the haywagon ride, but enjoyed the long walk through the Mayan Calendar-shaped corn maze. Some day maybe I'll include photos in this thing, but I continue to be an advocate of the imagination.

watching: Sherlock

October 7, 2012
Regarding my upcoming appearances (and yes, my choice of that word is appropriate, because I'll jaunt in with a pop! noise, and disappear suddenly when the event concludes). Received my itinerary for Orycon 34, where I'll be on two panels and giving a reading. Join me this Nov. 2–4 in Portland, OR. (Sadly, I'll miss World Fantasy Con in Toronto, but things being as they are, couldn't swing the travel cost this year.) Also, my writer friend and colleague G. Xavier Robillard has asked me to join him for a Halloween reading Kickstarter launch party of his second novel Deadfellas: Monsters vs. The Mob.

reading: Bullettime (Nick Mamatas)

September 16, 2012
Not going to talk about it.

looking: forward

August 30, 2012
Been working on short fiction for so long, deadline to deadline, now trying to clear some headspace for a longer piece.

reading: The Red Tree (Caitlín R. Kiernan)

August 19, 2012
Story submitted. Hello new characters, I'm glad to have met you.

reading: No Mercy (Pat Califia)

August 15, 2012
Opted for the later open deadline on that antho submission from last month. The tale was only half told without any real ending, and picking it back up later, I realized we hadn't met another essential character.

reading: Blackbirds (Chuck Wendig)

August 4, 2012
An evening with hookah and friends is just the thing.

reading: Leather Maiden (Joe Lansdale)

July 29, 2012
There's been a great deal of discussion lately about a sexual harassment incident at Readercon. I'm horrified that this occurred, and am hoping the con board and committee will resolve this (as much as possible after the fact) with appropriate apologies, action and policies. Hoping that everyone will consider just a bit more their behavior and respect each other's dance space and feelings, and be professional. And if I'm in the room and you need a buffer, give me the signal and I'll interrupt loudly, strategically spill a drink, pull the fire alarm.

reading: Meet Me in the Moon Room (Ray Vukcevich)

July 25, 2012
Life got more difficult today. I don't feel like writing about it. At all.

considering: things

July 20, 2012
Some writer buddies challenged me to write a story for an anthology whose deadline comes up this weekend. This is a genre I haven't tried before, so I'm intrigued and terrified.

writing: something new

July 17, 2012
Readercon was a great experience for me, a potent concentration of quality writers, editors, publishers, panels, readings, vendors, and meetings. Heard inspiring readings by some of my favorite and new favorite authors including Caitlín Kiernan, Peter Straub, Joe Haldeman, Jeff Vandermeer, many more. Met the publisher of Dagan Books, who will soon release two anthologies including stories of mine. Met Shirley Jackson's daughter, who was a hoot. Quality hang out time with friends and colleague's old and new. If I could afford one conference each year, I'd choose this one. Wishing Neil Clarke a speedy recovery.

working: always

July 10, 2012
Dear Journal, I've been prisoner to grief and laziness. These are explanations, not excuses. I'll be back soon.

reading: The Croning (Laird Barron)

May 31, 2012
Flew back home for Dad's memorial service. Visited with so many people who had connected with his life, including his missionary trip to Burma before he and Mom married and before he began his long career as a physics professor. A huge reunion party, faces from decades of our lives. Only one person seemed to be missing. I'll never get used to that.

saying: goodbye

April 17, 2012
Taking it day by day. Keeping busy with story edits and reading slushpile for the magazine. So much support from friends.

watching: Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead, Misfits

April 13, 2012
Dad passed Monday night. I flew back to Portland the next day. The whole world feels surreal.

can't: believe it

April 10, 2012


April 3, 2012
We've been told that all other options are exhausted. Dad is being moved to hospice. Going home.

getting: a plane ticket

April 1, 2012
WHC was great fun, more on that after caught up on sleep. Some good news arrived in the in-box today, but I have to wait to share.

experiencing: fatigue

March 20, 2012
Missed this somehow, but I have a reading at WHC, on Friday at 11am. Must bring the bowtie.

writing: one sentence at a time

March 18, 2012
Getting excited for upcoming World Horror Convention, where it seems I'll be on a panel and participate in the big signing session. I'll have copies of some of the anthos that I'm in as well as Three-lobed Burining Eye print anthology. Need to finish a story deadline beforehand.

attacking: the blank page

March 10, 2012
Dad is sleeping more, and it's worrisome that he can't stay awake enough for his physical therapy. I miss talking to him.

reading: various fiction in various publications

February 28, 2012
Dad went from rehab hospital back to ICU, where they gave him antibiotics for a high fever and found a staff infection in his lungs.

reading: Del Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy (ed. Ellen Datlow)

February 16, 2012
Story submitted. That was very much fun.

seeking: sleep

February 9, 2012
Still exhausted from the last anthology call and trying to catch up on many other tasks, but this next anthology call was too interesting to pass up.

writing: something new

February 1, 2012
Story turned in. Have forgotten how to sleep.

watching: Drive (the movie)

January 29, 2012
Really need to get back and see Dad.

writing: a new draft

January 25, 2012
Thanks to everyone who came out for my birthday events. We managed to keep the city intact.

watching: Thundarr the Barbarian (wow, I almost feel 10 again…)

January 20, 2012
Working on a new story for an upcoming anthology call. Which is where I should be, instead of journaling.

reading: The Friendly Persuasion (Jessamyn West)

January 18, 2012
Fourteen hour work days lately. No time or energy for writing. Learning some new systems will be productive in the long run. If my body lasts that long.

writing: code

January 15, 2012
[rant deleted].

reading: Never Knew Another (J M McDermott)


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