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December 25, 2011
Busy day started in Lincoln, Nebraska… attended church with Mom & sis, then visited Dad in the rehab facility one more time before rushing off to airport. He's mostly sleeping, recovery will take months. Weather was perfect, but "operations" problem delayed the plane, so sis suggested we drive out to Pioneers Park on the same edge of town. Sparse brown landscape in the winter. The bison were out at the nature reserve. Amazing. Uneventful flight back to Portland. Grendel happy to see me. Some pleasant hang out time with writer friends and scotch. Stayed up late watching a new Dr. Who.

watching: Dr. Who (Xmas special)

December 17, 2011
Hard drive crashed. Gradually installing and recovering over last few evenings. So much work stacking up.

watching: Dexter (with that guy from that other show)

December 12, 2011
Dad's recovery is slow, as they warned us. The ups and downs are sometimes multiples in a day. I'm slowly returning to work (though the work is not slow at all).

watching: Rare Exports

December 8, 2011
A new story “West of Somewhere” appears in Green is the Color of Winter: An Eclectic Collection, featuring poetry, verdant full-color photography, and prose. Buying a copy will support Start Making a Reader Today (SMART) — an organization that promotes kids' literacy in Oregon.

reading: The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman)

December 6, 2011
Didn't precisely feel like chronicling the ten days in the waiting room and all details of Dad's condition. (And this thing isn't setup for mobile updates anyway). The summary is: Dad had an aneurysm near his brain stem, and has been through a surgery (clip) and a few other procedures, and is now recovering. He's extremely fortunate and we are ever more so. Friends, family and medical staff have been supportive and amazing.

pondering: life

November 24, 2011
Dad collapsed this morning and went into hospital today. Have to get myself to Nebraska as soon as airlinerly possible.

feeling: guh

November 15, 2011
OryCon was inspiring, exhausting and enjoyable. Missed too many readings by friends and colleagues, but sat on multiple panels. Favorites included: writing with all your senses, stalking the wild anthology, literary influences. Did I mention exhausting? More detail later…

reading: Invisible Cities (Italo Calvino) …yes, again

November 7, 2011
Once again, I'm not a NaNoWriMo participant. The short fictions are still legion, and I enjoy that. But feeling the itch to have something longer, a world to build and return to. My goal is to begin before January 23.

plotting: schemes

November 1, 2011
Story submitted. Hunting sleep but such game is scarce these days.

mourning: October

October 31, 2011
One jack-o'-lantern is a gray gourd with mini vampire orange pumpkins latched on, sucking out the color. Bats that hover in the dark near the front door…

watching: The Descent

October 25, 2011
Had planned to begin novel outlining in October, but I'm having too much fun with short fiction lately. A few recent calls for themed anthologies have been inspiring both for ideas and the deadlines. Writing this latest one has been slow going, but I must finish by the end of the month. Costume design and pumpkin carving are sadly falling behind schedule.

writing: new story

October 21, 2011
Sketched a few cover concepts for the next 3LBE, though the next issue is probably months away. I'm quietly raising the per word rate (keeping max. pay the same). May try something different with the publication schedule next year.

watching: Downton Abbey, American Horror Story

October 17, 2011
Perfect October weekend included a trip to Sauvie Island, just outside Portland, where a group of us indulged in simple pleasures like eating roasted corn and caramel apples, selecting pumpkins to shape into our twisted whims, and getting lost in the corn maze. Then we stopped at the '80s arcade Ground Kontrol where every machine is in pristine condition and runs on real single quarters (okay, some pinball machines cost more), and Green Dragon pub featuring fifty beers on tap (no, I did not try them all). Returned to the latter tonight for a pumpkin beer fest.

enjoying: autumn

October 12, 2011
I've added little "g" graphic links on my bibliography to make it easier to find my publications on Goodreads.

reading: From the Dust Returned (by Ray Bradbury)

October 7, 2011
Finished watching season finales of Dr. Who and Breaking Bad, which feels emotionally like getting dumped, falling in love and surviving a war all in the same weekend.

watching: the shows

October 4, 2011
I'm attending OryCon 33, November 11–13 in Portland OR, and looking forward to seeing you there at the usual locus points: bar, parties, dragon parking garage, combat room, nightmare closet, and these 7(!) panels:

Fri Nov 11, 3–4pm: Internal and External Change
To angst or not to angst (or how much,) that is the question, plus how to raise the stakes and make those transformations more powerful and memorable.
*Mary Rosenblum/Mary Freeman, Ken Scholes, Mark J. Ferrari, Andrew S. Fuller

Fri Nov 11, 4–5pm: Writing with all your senses
What writers can take for granted, and what they should use to enrich their writing.
Brenda Cooper, David W. Goldman, Carolyn Nicita, *Andrew S. Fuller

Sat Nov 12, 12–1pm: Ask Dr. Genius: Ad-Lib answers to audience questions
Bring your science questions, and… they'll likely make something up.
*Louise Owen, David D. Levine, Andrew S. Fuller, Janet Freeman, Daniel H. Wilson

Sat Nov 12, 4–5pm: Fiction in a flash
Short fiction for a world of compressed time — flash and tweetable micro-fiction. Common pitfalls, quirks, problems and teh awesome inherent in the very short form.
*Andrew S. Fuller, Garth Upshaw, Edd Vick

Sat Nov 12, 5–6pm: Stalking the wild anthology — tips for success
How to get invitations, balance standing out vs. fitting in, how stories work in the grand scheme of total word count.
Andrew S. Fuller, *Wendy Wagner, Jason V Brock, William F. Nolan, Shannon Page

Sun Nov 13, 10–11am: A touch of Farmer, a pinch of LeGuin
Panelists discuss their biggest influences and what books have changed the recent landscape in SF/F/H literature.
Claude Lalumière, Ray Vukcevich, Andrew S. Fuller, *Ann Wilkes, Amy Thomson

Sun Nov 13, 1–2pm: Symbolism in speculative fiction
How to write deeper and more vividly through awareness of symbols, and the pitfalls associated with symbolism that's used too often, too boldly or badly.
*Irene Radford, Alexis Cruz, Andrew S. Fuller

* = moderator

reading: Push of the Sky by Camille Alexa

October 2, 2011
Sent off a new story this weekend. Creating a timeline proved to be a fascinating and completely essential set of sidenotes.

writing: new short fiction

October 1, 2011
I'm honored to have a story selected for the upcoming anthology FISH from Dagan Books (coming February 8, 2012). Check out the just-released table of contents with 35 stories that I can't wait to read, a mix of marine myths.

accepted: a new story

September 24, 2011
Flyering and spreading the word about the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival this weekend. This will be the 16th annual in Portland, though smaller in scale as the new festival directors plan for a big spring event. Last weekend there was a big one in LA. If you’re interested in watching the short film Effulgence made from my script that won the HPLFF 2009 Best Screenplay, it can be ordered from the production company a3o Studios.

watching: Downton Abbey

September 23, 2011
I'm thrilled that my story ”Ina’s Day” appears in the new anthology released today Space Tramps: Full-Throttle Space Tales 5 from Flying Pen Press along with many excellent writers and tales about nomads, grifters, vagabonds, gypsies, and more. Also available from Amazon.

published: short fiction

September 12, 2011
Taking a few days off work. Researching a new story, working on 3LBE cover art.

wearing: comfy clothes

September 9, 2011
In the midst of an exhausting three-day work event that's been in the works for at least a year. A fascinating group of international people gathered to discuss how to save the world. I hope we can.

doing: the work

September 1, 2011
Crashed my bike into a curb and my shoulder’s been in pain in every position. Insurance deductible is too much so I’m avoiding x-rays. Could be a torn tendon or a crack in the collar bone. Trying to keep it still but that’s my mouse hand. Pain subsiding. Maybe I’ll get help after the big upcoming work event.

crashing: the bones

August 31, 2011
Wrote a new story over the past few weeks for an anthology call. Some of the details feel like they need more research, but I probably cold have researched for years on this. The setting of some stories feel like they could open into longer works. It was encouraging to have a few writer friends egging each other on to finish the story and meet the deadline. And then we talked about what we’d written after pressing the send button.

writing: a new tale

July 15, 2011
Hosted the inspiring topic of "detectives" at trivia night. Learned about dozens of novels and stories that I’ve forgotten and always meant to read… add them to the list.

watching: Breaking Bad

June 20, 2011
Some day I might expand this into a blog, with pages for each entry. But I haven't felt much like journaling (at least publicly). So we'll see. Just noting that out loud.

reading: various short stories

May 20, 2011
A few publication announcements coming soon. More when I can say more.

reading: slush

May 15, 2011
There should be as many varieties of sharks the world as there are cheeses. Blue, goblin, bull, thresher, blacktip, whale, gulper, mako, leopard, great white, hammerhead… manchego, colby, Swiss, munster, Roquefort, paneer, gorgonzola. Today I'm angry with our own species, which pulls too many fish out of the ocean. And some of them just to slice off a fin to make soup. I don't want to live on a Velveeta planet.

reading: Mr. Shivers (Robert Jackson Bennett)

May 12, 2011
Sometimes it's not writer's block, but writer's doubt.

reading: Cursed (Jeremy Shipp)

May 7, 2011
Fixed many details in the story, liking it more, now off to the editor. May send another story or two back out. Maybe get some slush reading done for 3LBE.

editing: titled now (but secret)

May 4, 2011
Story rewrite requests came in while I was away. Wasn't set up to word process on the iPad, so catching up now. Egads, have I written a science fiction story?

back: to work

May 2, 2011
Breakfast at Magnolia Cafe with my new savior hosts. Bought shorts for climbing at nearby thriftstore. They dropped me at the state capital and I wandered in architecture. Walked 6th Street, when the bars and music venues are quiet by day. Crossed the river to south Congress Street. The weather turned all Portlandy, so I ducked into a coffee shop and iPadded for awhile, trying to say electronic goodbyes to everyone. A quick dinner, then off to the rock gym with E and M and friend. None of the route ratings were posted after a recent competition, so we accidently climbed a 5.10, oh darn. Then last drinkies at a neighborhood bar where they played Iron Maiden, with Hellraiser and Lep in Da Hood on the screen. If I went to sleep it would be all over.

seeing: Austin by day

May 1, 2011
WHC2011 Sunday: One of the last events at the Con was the zombie mega-panel, where we got beyond the groans and eye rolls at cliché and some interesting history behind this relatively young fiction, its metaphors and recent upsurge. I thought holy crud that's John Skipp and realized I still haven't read Book of the Dead, despite owning a copy. Many recommendations to check out like The Loving Dead by Amelia Beamer, and Adam-Troy Castro's “Dead Like Me.” Was reminded that apocalyptic fiction is a kind of fantasy exploration and Joe McKinney gave us the great quote “The apocalypse is no fun if you don't survive.” … Then the Con was over, I realized all the people I didn't talk to, as the clock screamed at me that I had to check out of the hotel and find another place downtown for my extra two nights in Austin. Camille Arescued me between parking lots. She and Jessica R were excellent hosts and tour guides for the remainder of my stay. We briefly attended the Steampunk Bible launch, and I was whisked away to the classy absinthe bar Peche, where we met Elizabeth B and Amanda D, ate at least three orders of pomme frites, discussed climbing, and made a tentative rock gym date. Then there was '80s dancing. The DJ's Boba Fett visor apparently prevented him from reading my song requests. Alas, no Cutting Crew, Siouxsie and the Banshees, or T'Pau. And when the U.S. military assassinated someone, I could do nothing but dance harder.

escaping: the sprawl out by the highway

April 30, 2011
WHC2011 Saturday: Stellar beginning to the day when I initially sat at the wrong panel (who wouldn't want to be on a vampire mega-panel?!), then rushed across the hall to my seat at the “What Do Editors Want?” where we had a good selection of big and small, long and short fiction publishers. We shared many wisdoms (pet peeves), and hopefully people asked more questions later. Then I attended an informative (and huge) panel about fight scenes and firearms in fiction — much of which was focused on these in reality. Many experience levels and fighting styles represented, from Muay Thai, to judo, to a Hawaiian martial art, to MMA. Wrath James White talked about continuing to fight after you've blacked out (not collapsing). And Joe Lansdale can do more than write, is all I'm saying. Then a “Horror Without Stephen King” panel discussed his timing, talent, and influence. J. Gates caught some food poisoning, and a beer seemed the proper inoculation for myself. The “Future of the Book” panel decided that we still have faith in print books, though most writers, agents and publishers think the physical product will be more of a niche collectors’ market in ten years. Claude Lalumière gave an intense reading with the simplest of environments, lights off, face glowing by a computer tablet. Rested in my extended stay room and decided that the iPad's onscreen keypad feels more like pantomiming than actual writing. Returned to the beautiful mayhem where the big conference room was set up in a mass signing, and I increased my reading stack with volumes from the latest from Files, Lalumière, and Bennett. Then I hid in the bar reading Rope of Thorns. The Inkpunks jaunted off to an absinthe bar and I vowed revenge. Jessica R. and Camille A. found me in and we launched a hunting excursion for parties. Cutting Block Press gave us readings from Tattered Souls and TS2, then brought 40 boxes of pizza including one called Texas Chainsaw Massacre (a vegetarian's nightmare). For several minutes, in a room full of people, I stood near Peter Straub. The Inkpunks returned, we set up a perimeter around the pizza, and illustrator Galen Dara gave sharpie tattoos… but I turned into a pumpkin first. Or a jack-o-lantern.

conventioning: full bore

April 29, 2011
WHC2011 Friday: Since I can’t shake my love for short fiction, the “Why Write Shorts Stories?” panel was one of the more inspiring for the weekend (“I have an impatient imagination.” –Claude Lalumière, “Short stories are a classroom for craft.” –Joe Hill). Next, a series of readings included Jessica Reisman sharing her story I’d published in 3LBE #19, and Camille Alexa reading from her Endeavour-nominated Push of the Sky collection. ChiZine publishers (CZP) Brett Alexander Savory and Sandra Kasturi gave an excellent interview and we all learned it’s pronounced “chee-zine.” Following came the Edge Books book launch, where authors read from Chilling Tales, Rigor Amortis (zombie love) and Those Who Fight Monsters (paranormal noir). John Remy's story about a multi-course zombie fine dining made me oddly hungry. Peter Straub himself tried to hide in the middle of the busy schedule, but I caught him reading a short story. And before my fandom of the greats could subside, master mojo storyteller Joe Lansdale lined up and read from a new Hap and Leonard novella. Tried to deny myself earthly needs of sustenance, but Jessica R. made me eat seafood (no tentacles this time) at the restaurant next door. Met Kim Richards Gilchrist in the vendor room, shortly before the Damnation Books party, where I read briefly from “The Circus Wagon.” Then CZP turned it to eleven with their launch party, featuring passionate readings from Claude Lalumière, David Nickle, Brent Hayward, and Gemma Files; and a margarita machine and hot dogs. I told Erika Holt enough detail about the Lynch movie of Dune and the previously abandoned attempt by Jodorowsky, that she probably could have read the book instead. Then I looked for gates or holes in the motel fence, and a troll helped me over when I gave him a shiny seven-cent piece.

listening: to words and stories

April 28, 2011
Cheating a bit, backdating these entries…

World Horror Con 2011 Thursday: Arrived in Austin without angering the storm gremlins. Took the metro bus for a cheap but thorough tour of the entire eastern sprawl, traversed vast empty parking lots of a dead mall while suppressing all post-apocalyptic thoughts. Jumped immediately into elevator with Nick Mamatas to ask a schedule question, was joined by editor writer friend Erika Holt, and we met editor writer friend Jaym Gates (finally not electronically) in the lobby. We found the comfy couches in the bar and I met more Inkpunks (my collection of them is nearly complete!) and a gaggle of writer contributors to Rigor Amortis and upcoming Broken Time Blues. After telling us about ghostly moving bars, local Robert Jackson Bennett drove us downtown for legendary pizza (you must check out his novel Mr. Shivers). Great reading by Molly Tanzer from Historical Lovecraft. The “How Much Money Do We Make?” panel reminded us of the dayjob necessity, and discussed about how e-books may change publishing and payment. People gathered in a hotel room for beers and Kraken Rum (because it has tentacles on the label). Retired to my neighboring cheap motel only to discover it is surrounded by a nigh impregnable fence.

conventioning: it's been awhile

April 27, 2011
Won’t be blogging during the Con, since this thing isn’t set up that way, but look for tiny updates on my Twitter, also the 3LBE Twitter.

leaving: for Austin, and Horror

April 25, 2011
The editors’ panel at WHC2011 has been moved to Saturday morning at 10am. Also, I’m trying to figure out how to autograph an e-book. The only solution is tattoos, I think.

working: dayjob

April 21, 2011
Had planned to plan this earlier: get a laptop, or just take the moleskin notepad, or figure out whether the dang iPad could serve as a traveling writing tool. Looking at various apps, some of which will synch with online storage. Not being able to plug in a flash drive is still madness in my mind. Whatever happens, the devil tablet needs a real keyboard.

fiddling: with the tech

April 19, 2011
The Tuesday night trivia gig that I co-hosted for more than two years ended about a month ago when the ba owner broke up with us. It was a welcome vacation for me. We’ve been seeking other venues and can now announce that we’ll reboot at The GoodFoot bar and lounge on May 10. Come join us every Tuesday at 7:30pm to exercise the nooks and crannies of your mind. Oh, and I had fun with our new poster. Oh, and you can follow Trivia A-Go-Go on Twitter and Facebook.

designing: a poster

April 17, 2011
Story submitted. Too tired for a celebratory beer.

reading: Book of Tongues (by Gemma Files)

April 10, 2011
Sometimes knowing what happens in the story before you begin writing is far more difficult.

writing: untitled

April 8, 2011
Checking out the guest list for World Horror Con 2011, and getting excited for it. A great selection of people who've published me, people I've published, people I look forward to meeting, unspeakable monsters I must battle with ancient incantations, spicy food I must eat, writing idols I must not worship too obnoxiously, and airline travel.

watching: Fringe, Justified, Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara

April 5, 2011
It seems as though the next issue of 3LBE won't be ready by May. After too many years of irregular publication, I finally settled on a twice-yearly frequency in 2010 — and hoped to maintain a May and October schedule. The stories just aren't in place yet. I'll be seeking slushreaders soon, or “mininons” as they’re often called in the biz.

reading: slush

April 3, 2011
Upcoming story deadline and taxes deadline on the same day. I know what I need to do for one of these.

doing: taxes

March 28, 2011
The dayjob made a recent sneaky invasion into my afterhours and sleep schedule and stayed overtime in my mental landscape. You wouldn't think that naming and designing for real world big ideas is that all that different from naming and designing in the fiction realm. There's a separate species of responsibility, I think, and sometimes more collaborative concerns. But in each type of work, there are projects that come together effortlessly, and those that the furnace isn't burning hot enough and the raw materials need more hammering to create a shape.

designing: titles and brands and concepts and such

March 20, 2011
Catching up has been like catching breath lately. The blood lab reports that my low Vitamin D levels are not a myth of pride or place, so we're fixing that and claiming some future hours. A few of my short stories have recently seen acceptance, though I prefer to wait for a publication date and contract before announcing more. Absolutely elated that “The Circus Wagon” is included on the Honorable Mentions List for Best Horror of the Year. Beginning to outline a longer work, without schedule. More hand binding work than originally intended on the 3LBE Annual, but the books are done and shipping out (with a few extras if you missed the original call for orders).

reading: Who Fears Death (Nnedi Okorafor)

February 5, 2011
After many digital sessions of editing and formatting the Three-lobed Burning Eye Annual Vol. V over the last week, I finally printed a 280-page galley and spent the weekend evenings into late hours marking it up. Then back to keying in the fixes. Every print project brings its own typographical style questions, like: is scuba still a capitalized acronym or is it just a word now? and when to italicize non-U.S. English words without calling too much attention to them. I'm making more (and hopefully proper) use of small caps in this volume. And the stories? They're awesome, all thirty of them.

reading: Pump Six and Other Stories (Paolo Bacigalupi)

January 28, 2011
Exhausted after a week of very detailed work at the day job and events every evening. Yearly work planning and review and goal setting and transitions make for extra stress, compounded by the hole I'd evidently chewed in my tongue overnight, which then made essential discussions difficult. Looking forward to a weekend of proofing and print prep for 3LBE annual. Must return exercise back to a regular schedule, feel exhausted all the time.

getting: not much done

January 24, 2011
Birthday weekend marathon included: two-day stay in Seaside, OR, touching the Pacific Ocean, afternoon in Astoria with lunch at indomitable Columbian Cafe and visit to Ft. George Brewery, bought a beautiful old travel trunk at an antique shop that I've no idea what to do with but had to have it for that price, couldn't find the Goonies house in the fog this time, back to Portland for nephew birthday cake sugar mad chaos at the climbing gym, then annual cask opening event at Bailey's Taproom, then bowling, then late meal at new Grain and Gristle, finally Sunday consisted of Chocolate Festival, sample flights at Belmont Station, lastly a feast of spicy amazing Sichuan food at Lucky Strike. Whew.

watching: Get Him to the Greek

January 19, 2011
Spent some time with Goodreads and thinking it will be a helpful tool to combine my love/hate of lists and the need I've felt to plan my reading. I have an author profile on there too, so do stop by to share what you're reading and I wouldn't mind a review of any of my publications.

reading: Lovecraft Unbound (ed. by Ellen Datlow)

January 16, 2011
The annual ski trip to Bend and Mt. Bachelor was unseasonably warm, two days of uninterrupted of rain. We didn't even try to ski on the second day and attended the High Desert Museum, of which I‘d heard many recommendations. It included some quality exhibits and amazing animals. I could watch owls and otters for hours. We encountered actors (or passed through a time rip) at the period re-creation of an 1880s pioneer settlement, and attempted to maintain the role play conversation until one of our party mentioned wi-fi (which I explained as magic), and we left, deciding that we had violated the Prime Directive.

reading: Steampunk (ed. by Vandermeers)

January 10, 2011
Third season of Fringe is like a full season of the “Mirror, Mirror” episode of Star Trek. If only the parallel characters all had goatees. Including the women.

watching: Fringe (season 3)

January 7, 2011
Considering revisions and a new market for a story.

watching: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

January 2, 2011
Delighted that my story “Occupations” appears in the new issue of Crossed Genres. Wrote the first draft of this piece two years ago, very distantly inspired by '80s perspective of virtual reality and cyberspace, mixed with more organic ideas and magic, and just having fun. It might be my first published science fiction story. Glad it found a home, one week after the Tron sequel movie hit theaters.

reading: “Pennies, Off a Dead Man's Eyes” (Harlan Ellison)


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